Leaders in payment processing for the NFP Sector
Angela Watson
Angela Watson
Head of Service Management, Valldata

Understanding our clients' strategic goals is vital to our approach. Every client is different and the team's in-depth experience means that we can formulate appropriate solutions for each individual organisation.

The Valldata Approach


Our approach is backed by over three decades of providing clients with the means to get funds where they need to be securely and efficiently, and to grow supporter relationships through first-class campaign response handling.

Operations are led by:

Working in partnership

We work in close collaboration with our clients to understand their KPIs and organisational strategy, bringing a wealth of experience and skills to every project. 

Building long-term relationships with our clients is key, and doing so means that we can make more informed recommendations and develop solutions to align with the client's specific needs.

Tried and tested processes

In line with ever-changing market trends and technological evolution, we have developed streamlined processes and steadfast infrastructure which enables us to:

  • Process and fulfil high volume, high intensity campaigns
  • Operate rapid response within minimal timeframes
  • Handle complex appeals across multiple platforms
  • Produce accurate data of the highest quality
  • Deliver seamless service with robust contingencies in place

Innovation and technology

Our continuous investment in technology and innovation ensures that our clients are always at the forefront of payment processing and supporter care. We develop our solutions to allow extensive choice in how our clients both engage with and grow their supporter base, in the UK and internationally.

Standards and continuous improvement

We align our processes and solutions with globally recognised standards and key industry associations, consistently following latest best practice and legislative changes.

We are:

In addition to our official accreditations, we have recently launched our customer-driven, continuous improvement programme. This provides us with essential feedback that we use to benchmark our performance, ensuring that we are not only meeting but exceeding expectations.


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