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Kidney Research UK: Improving ROI by outsourcing

Kidney Research UK
Kidney Research UK

Valldata has continued to impress Kidney Research UK, with both enthusiasm and technical expertise emanating from a strong management team. Valldata strives to deliver cost saving opportunities, providing us with excellent value, and helping us hugely in improving campaign ROI and optimising our investment in supporter services.

David B. Lumley
Outsourcing Manager, Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK

The outcome

Working in collaboration has resulted in the following:

  • A process which runs seamlessly alongside the telemarketing element of the Kidney Research campaign strategy
  • In-house resource which is finally able to focus on priorities, in particular, campaign targeting and improved audience segmentation (aided by the data that Valldata captures)
  • Because response times are so quick, targeting can be revised before the next campaign which results in continually improved supporter engagement through in-depth customer intelligence
  • Better targeting saves Kidney Research money on campaigns and outsourced supporter services saves money on overheads which means that more funds can be allocated to essential research

Kidney Research now passes all of its mail processing, fulfilment and response handling, the annual H2H collection and quarterly lottery campaigns through Valldata. 

Kidney Research has recently migrated to Charity Pay to benefit from our VAT exemption model, saving approximately 10% on processing costs – in addition to the savings already made through outsourcing with Valldata.

By outsourcing to Valldata, Kidney Research has been able to improve supporter engagement, target campaigns more effectively and above all, increase fundraising ROI whilst reducing supporter service costs.

Having scoped out a number of providers after the initial 3 year term, Kidney Research has found that Valldata still offers the best value and service; a further 3 year contract has been signed.

The brief

Over 3 years ago, Kidney Research made the decision to outsource; the charity’s services were growing rapidly and the supporter base expanding – in-house resource had reached full capacity and staff were having to focus on issues which were limiting the time they could apply to analyse and enhance fundraising campaign return on investment.

It was imperative to find a provider which could support high volume, monthly mail campaigns, including the processing, banking and response handling. And at a lower cost than the current budget.

Our solution

Combining Valldata’s proactive approach and knowledge with the Kidney Research team’s requirements and expertise, a highly efficient process was devised which could handle the fulfilment of a complex audience thanking matrix, the processing and banking of large volumes of donations, and the accurate capture of the output data shown which was matched with individual segment codes according to each campaign.

Valldata incorporated its data management system, Engage, to give Kidney Research full visibility on what was being processed at any one time and to ensure that data was passed easily and securely between Valldata, Kidney Research and its third party telemarketing agency.

Throughout the partnership, the same account management team has worked with Kidney Research, to ensure that knowledge is not lost and that KPI evolution is understood.


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