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David B. Lumley
Outsourcing Manager, Kidney Research UK

Valldata strives to deliver cost saving opportunities such as Charity Pay, always providing us with excellent value, helping us hugely in improving campaign ROI and optimising our investment in supporter services.

Charity Pay: A unique service for Valldata clients


Charity Pay is a service unique to Valldata's not-for-profit clients, saving an average of 10% on donation processing costs. Charity Pay

We know how imperative it is for charities to drive cost-saving initiatives whilst continuing to build relationships with supporters. As the leading provider of donation processing to the not-for-profit sector, Valldata continually looks for innovative ways to help clients get a better ROI on their fundraising activities.

Born out of the the frustrations around existing regulations relating to zero-rated VAT on printed matter, we devised a solution to reduce the impact of VAT charges on not-for-profit organisations.

In 2013, we launched Charity Pay, an HMRC approved model that facilitates VAT exemption and further, market leading reductions in transaction bank charges.

Our clients are already making significant savings through Charity Pay.

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CP star

Charity Pay was shortlisted for Best New Innovation at the Partners in Fundraising Awards 2014.

Charity Pay is an innovation that, as soon the implementation is complete, demonstrates tangible cash savings for charities and the team at Valldata is delighted to be able to provide a mechanism which gives the client more flexibility on how their fundraising budgets are spent.




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