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Victoria Diaz-Vilas
Supporter Services Manager, Art Fund

Valldata has really worked hard to understand our cause and represent the Art Fund accordingly to our members.

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"It's great to

We have a proven track record in reducing complaint calls by up to half and maximising response to direct debit campaigns. Whether inbound calls or outbound, we can help.

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Our supporter service centre gives clients the opportunity to go the extra mile with their supporters, and complement the other services that we provide in order to create a comprehensive, multi-channel handling solution to improve supporter retention and engagement.

What our clients need

For our clients, a human voice can be the vital link between the charity and its loyal supporters. In a world where emails are becoming more automated and less personalised, a conversation can make all the difference, particularly when specific information and answers are needed.

What we offer

Our highly skilled operators are trained to handle both inbound and outbound campaigns, managing everything from Direct Debit reactivation to membership enquiries. Our operators get to know your supporters and become ambassadors for your brand.

The experienced team will work to an exact brief, delivering both professional and personal communications. Resource is planned to cover evening and international calls where necessary.

We use advanced telephony technology in order to lead supporters through a stress-free process while ensuring that data is accurately processed and that transactions are secure.


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