Leaders in payment processing for the NFP Sector
Louise Greysmith
Fundraising Manager, Médecins Sans Frontières

The migration of our Direct Debit donations was well planned and executed by the team at Valldata. Their expert knowledge of how the Direct Debit system works ensured the migration went smoothly and we were confident our data was handled efficiently and securely.

Direct Debit Processing


Direct debits are the fastest growing, and most visible source of income for not-for-profit organisations. In many cases, professional management is critical to enable efficient processing and growth within this area of fundraising.

An approved BACS Direct Debit Bureau since 2000, Valldata is able to manage and process paper and paperless DDIs, and offers an attrition reduction service to all clients, generating a proven ROI average of 5:2.

What our clients need

Direct debits have become an integral contributor to fundraising income, securing regular funds for charities both big and small.

Responsive direct debit management is a must. From flexibility around multiple sources, to the speed of the initial claim, to the reduction of attrition, efficient processing is hugely important. Not only that, accurate reconciliation and reporting is vital to save resource and time.

What we offer

Accredited a BACS-approved bureau since 2000, our experience in this area is extensive. Whether on or offline, we can handle any direct debit requirement.

Our direct debit services include:

  • Import of DDIs from multiple sources
  • Modulus checking and consistent import validation
  • Lodgement of DDIs with BACS (0N & 0C records)
  • Despatch of personalised Advance Notice Letters within 72 hours of receipt and prior to the first claim being made
  • Lodgement of DD payment claims with BACS
  • Import of BACS records (AUDDIS, ADDACS, UDDS)

In addition, reconciliation of monies processed and daily reports are available via our in-house data management tool, giving a holistic view of Direct Debit payments and status.

Attrition reduction
Our proven record of direct debit attrition reduction fully complements our core direct debit offering.
  • Direct debit setup times are minimal and the first claim can be made earlier than many other direct debit processors
  • Follow up on BACS amendments and cancellations is rapid and efficient
  • Direct debit reactivation calling can be arranged  typical ROI on this activity is 5:2

Single European Payments Area (SEPA) implementation

We are currently implementing SEPA with our European clients to improve the efficiency of cross-border payments and enable them to collect regular euro payments from anyone. Contact us for more information about our SEPA implementation process


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