Leaders in payment processing for the NFP Sector

Payment Processing


As leaders in payment processing, we pride ourselves on providing secure, reliable payment solutions, both online and offline, which allow client's supporters the flexibility to donate funds using the method most convenient for them.

What our clients need

The secure processing of payments plays a major role in getting funds where they need to be, when they are required, as efficiently as possible.

Supporters and members must feel that their money is in safe hands and their journey through the payment process is user-led and trouble free.

What we offer

Risk-free payment handling

All donations and membership subscriptions are managed via Level 1 PCI DSS compliant processes (we are listed as an approved merchant agent by Visa).

Flexibility and choice

Whatever the supporter's preference, we can process:

  • Cheque
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Cash
  • CAF/Charity Vouchers
  • PayPal (online only)

Highly efficient banking processes

Our Chequestream facility enables banking of cheques within 24 hours and we guarantee all other payment transfers within 72 hours from receipt.

International options

We have developed our solutions to accept a range of currencies so that wherever supporters are in the world, they can contribute to our clients' causes.

Direct Debits

Valldata is a BACS-approved Bureau, processing both direct debits and direct debit instructions for a number of clients. Our solutions are designed to support minimal set up times, ensuring that the claim is made earlier and that attrition is reduced. Read more about our Direct Debit services


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