Leaders in payment processing for the NFP Sector


Prize-led fundraising activities have rapidly increased in momentum over the last few years, and we have developed our processing capabilities to ensure that we can support both on and offline raffle and lottery campaigns.

What our clients need

In the ever-changing world of gaming, charities need assurance that their activities in this area are processed within regulatory requirements, using the latest technology to drive efficiencies around the 80:20 rule and ensure that draw deadlines are hit.

What we offer

Valldata is a leading provider of on and offline raffle and lottery processing and, in partnership with Brightsource, manages the process from campaign launch to draw on behalf of a huge number of clients.


The core functionality of our standard operations underpins the donation processing and data capture, helping to reduce client costs. Data is captured and stored on our purpose-built system, Contact Manager giving clients 100% visibility of campaign metrics and data from day 1 of response receipt.

Fully regulated and audited processing

All of our processes are Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and we are a Gambling Commission Raffle and Remote Operating licence holder.

Combined draw capability - NEW

We have developed a system to enable electronic draws which combine online, offline and text entries. Almost fully automated, the platform increases overall draw efficiency, avoiding the additional cost and resource implications associated with the older, more manual procedures.

This is the first ever solution to support the integration of any combination of postal, online and text raffle responses, ensuring a completely fair, and singular draw.

  • It is fully approved and licensed by the Gambling Commission
  • The benefits of fundraising through gaming channels are leveraged further by improving ROI and enabling additional online promotion of the raffle whilst remaining within the 80:20 rule
  • The data infrastructure behind the system facilitates vital capacity for supporter analysis and crucial intelligence for future campaigns



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